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Philippe e. Maille

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Philippe e. Maille

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PR & Marketing

About Me


Following his initial Studies in Science and Engineering Philippe E Maille starts his career as an officer in the Navy. In the late 80s Philippe looked at the private sector working for the ECCO Group (Adecco) as branch Director.

The additional and complementary training cursus, he took in the 90s in the USA, about General and Relationship marketing naturally drove him to pay concern to Training and Coaching processes.

Philippe actively participates in the adaptation of academic teaching materials into training modules for private Companies’ stakeholders and actors.

Under the influence of his North Americans and Europeans mentors, he produced a series of training courses and innovative teaching tools dealing with marketing, internal relationship management,Social Media Marketing and integration of ICT in the Companies and organizations.

Philippe E. Maille founded PHMC GPE in 1994.

Marketing training & coaching
Social Media Strategy
Corporate communication & Media relations
Web marketing and Internet development
CRM Expert – vTiger CRM authorised partner

Why I love my city


quality of life



horse riding, scuba diving, literature

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