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Shervin Naderi

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Shervin Naderi

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Bethesda, MD, United States
Boston, MA, United States
Facial Plastic Surgeon
Medicine & Medical
The Naderi Center

About Me


I was born in Iran but came to the U.S. at 13. Lived in many places including NYC, Toronto, Philly, and Indianapolis just to name a few but I spent the biggest chunk of my youth in Boston where I went to high school, college and grad school. I moved to DC 6 years ago and set up a very unique, specialized facial cosmetic surgery practice. I designed both of my offices personally and made sure nothing felt like a typical doctor’s office. I love what I do, and I love my staff, and I am very close to my patients. Practicing Plastic Surgery in DC is a pleasure. I have many friends and colleagues who keep urging me to open an office in Beverly Hills or South Beach but I am very happy being a Washington DC Cosmetic Surgeon!

Why I love my city


Washington DC offers the perfect balance at every turn of the city. You can readily find the intellectual brain power and elegance of Boston, the entrepreneurial drive and diversity of New York City, and the freedom and fun of Los Angeles. You hardly feel the lack of anything while living in DC. People of DC have substance and character and they are very real. As a Facial Plastic Surgeon, I truly enjoy helping improve the self confidence and lives of my DC patients. Its a pleasure helping people who simply want to be a better version of themselves rather than seeking to look like Brittany Spears’ double!

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