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Master of Science in Information Systems Technology (M.S.I.S.T.)

by The George Washington University
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Master of Science in Information Systems Technology (M.S.I.S.T.)

Establishing the right mix of business, technology and experience. The Executive MSIST program hand selects talented IT leaders and technical experts from both public and private organizations to establish a cohort of peers who complete the program in 15-months without career interruption. Since the cohort format was first offered in 1990, it has earned the reputation of producing graduates with a keen understanding of the strategic use of IT in business and the management issues surrounding the implementation of technology.



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Education: Graduate Program
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The George Washington University
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The carefully accelerated and structured curriculum builds upon itself to allow students to undertake the equivalent of a full-time academic load while maintaining full-time careers. Classroom discussions draw upon wide range of real world experience of the faculty and student body. Each student has the opportunity to capitalize from this interactive experience and challenge their analytical perspective of real IT challenges. Students meet one full day per week on an alternating Friday or Saturday schedule. Classes meet from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM with classes typically in two four-hour blocks. Classes are exclusively offered at the Virginia Science and Technology Campus in Ashburn, VA.

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