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An American audience member asked me after my show, "How come the Iranians calendar is filled with holidays that deal with the birth & passing of Arabs?" I was so embarassed that I did not know the answer
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I have a legitimate question. . . Please read it with an OPEN MIND!!. . . Have any of the religious leaders been to HEAVEN or HELL personally. The way they preach their religions, they make it sound like they have!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Every sign about the events happening in Egypt seems to be exactly like what happened in Iran in 1979 with one major difference. Egyptians ALREADY speak Arabic!
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Why do Middle Eastern People Have Low Tolerance For Hearing The Truth Through Humor? Case & Point

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I learned that out of my 2000 fans and followers I have had on Facebook Twitter, and LinkedIn, only 100 of them care. I have started disconnecting myself from those who don’t care so I can focus on those smaller number who care. I am now down to 1000 in total and going lower :-) You?
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Personally, I am a Conservative Republican, and I am not worried about what has been going on in the White House under Obama, except for the fact that nothing is really getting done. In saying tha...(more)
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