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Kristan Ramos

Kristan Ramos

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Kristan Ramos

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Louisville, KY, United States
Louisville, KY, United States
Social Media

About Me


I live in Louisville, KY with my husband, Jose, and our 9 year old daughter.

I was born in California, spent formative years in Oregon and Colorado – lived and worked in Texas, Georgia, Florida and finally, landed here in Louisville, KY – which I now consider my ‘hometown’.

When asked what I do, my response is, "I’m a facilitator… I help to bring about desired outcomes in the realms of business and day to day living by providing assistance, guidance, and supervision. I care about people – truly care about them – which is why I’ve chosen the field of social media. I’m a social creature and SM is a terrific avenue to build relationships and inspire trust – allowing you to reach out literally around the world and effect a change for the better.

I might add, you’re only as effective as the vehicle you choose and those with whom you align yourself. I believe in personal responsibility and treating others the way you’d like to be treated. I believe in this strongly as one day everyone will reap what they have sown… so plant what you want to see growing in your own life.

Professionally, I am the CEO of White Rabbit Social Media, located in Louisville, KY – a comprehensive social media services company. If you need it or want it? We do it.

My personal business motto is: “Honor. Honesty. Ethics. Integrity… don’t do business without them.”

Why I love my city


I love the rolling green fields, white fences and beautiful homes mixed in with the farms, subdivisions and small cities which make up East Louisville. I love the many established parks with their big, beautiful trees providing ample shade during the summer months – and I love the change of seasons… spring is particularly beautiful. I also love that anywhere you want to go in Louisville is 20 minutes or less. We also have a nice variety of restaurants, some locally owned and operated that are hands down the best ever!



My ‘Daddy God’ and a relationship with HIM (give me relationship over rote religion ANY DAY!), my family, spending as much time as possible with my family – snuggling and doing ‘girlie’ things with my daughter, the outdoors, mountains, ocean, horseback riding, snow-skiing, pretty much anything that requires you to get up off your backside and DO IT, my Bible, other good books, personal growth, helping others.



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