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Jeremiah Nelson

Jeremiah Nelson

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Jeremiah Nelson

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Upland, CA, United States
Running Springs, CA, United States

About Me


I am a Husband, Father of 3 girls, Eastern Orthodox Christian and a Fireman/Paramedic.
I mainly like to chill with my girls on my days off and teach them about Christ and love for people & outdoors. I’m really not as interesting as I think I am, although I do rule the world with the coolest sidekick of all time!

Why I love my city


I love my current city because it is right in between everything I love to do: Play with the family, be in my hometown mountains and surf. Also it has everything that a city needs. Most importantly I am in close proximity to 3 Trader Joe’s.



Christ, Church, Family, books, movies, outdoor/nature activities, art (sculpting, painting, etc) and home projects.

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