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Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers

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Jennifer Myers

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Washington, DC, United States
Rockville, MD, United States
real estate agent
Real Estate

About Me


I’m a real estate agent and love helping first time buyers—teaching them about how to make the home buying process enjoyable and how to save big money on buying their first home. For example, DC has a down payment program where if you qualify you can get up to $44,000 to help you buy your first home. There is another program where you don’t have to pay real estate taxes if your income qualifies. It’s never been more affordable in DC to buy a home with all this help from the city. I also buy properties, fix them up and resell them. Some call it “flipping” but I call it finding great opportunities. I also help investor clients do the same and consult with them about what to do and not to do while they are fixing up a property to get the biggest bang for their buck. When I’m not helping clients or fixing up properties, I’m hanging out with my other DC Tri Clubbers. We might be running around Haines point, swimming at Sandy Point or riding bikes in Rock Creek Park. I also love the Philips and Corcoran Galleries and you will find me there or walking my Yorkie Cannoli around the Jefferson Memorial. I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2000 with a Finance degree—Go Hokies!

Why I love my city


More than any other city I’ve travelled to, Washington offers more art, culture, history, and interesting people and places to see and experience. I’ve been all over the world and there is not one single city that has as much to offer its residents as DC. We have a terrific economy, more jobs than anywhere else in the country and new neighborhoods full of great restaurants and shopping popping up all the time. It’s a completely new and better city than it was when I was growing up here. It’s finally being known not just for politics and instead known as a hip and exciting place people want to be and be seen. Remember the star-studded inauguration?

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