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Britt Remillard

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Britt Remillard

Basic Information


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In a Relationship
Phoenix, AZ, United States
Director of Marketing
Social Media
Get Outta My Head

About Me


I am currently the Director of Marketing for a locally based social media management company. I seek out small business owners and make an offer they often cannot refuse. I work at Get Outta My Head to help create personality for the Social Media accounts of small businesses. Small business owners typically are consumed in the day to day running of their business and having someone like us there to run their accounts takes some of the pressure off of their business needs.

Why I love my city


I love the desert! Hiking, hanging out on warm days without a jacket, the amazingly gorgeous red rock, the melting pot, the shopping, and of course meeting new, fun people!



Old movies, cooking, baking, hiking, working out, talking to people out Get Outta My Head and watching them get excited! I enjoy hanging out with friends on warm summer days by the pool, watching college games and the Saints with my boyfriend Brian and his friends!

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