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Ardeshir Namazi

Ardeshir Namazi

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Ardeshir Namazi

Basic Information


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Alexandria, VA, United States
Alexandria, VA, United States
Software Architect
Information Technology

About Me


I was born in Tehran. After Iran’s revolution in 1979, my family and I migrated to New York.

At the age of 14 I started working as a data entry operator in New York and begin to find that I have a strong attraction to software innovation. By the age of 16 I started my first technology consulting company and have been intensely involved in the industry ever since.

I have a wonderful daughter, had a successful marriage and a successful divorce Since I thought my marriage was so great I decided to get married again Waiting in anticipation so that my wife can join me here in DC soon. Meanwhile, I’m partying on weekends at Lima lounge.

I currently work for Motionsoft as a Senior Software Architect. I think the company has a great future and one huge reason why my DC experience is so favorable.

Why I love my city


Out of all the cities my life has taken me and I’ve lived in: Tehran, New York, Washington DC, Beirut, Dubai, and London, I love Washington, D.C. the most where I’ve got enjoyment with comfort. That is why I am finally settled in DC again.



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