Dr. Ulrich Abel, who poured over thousands of cancer studies, published a shocking report in 1990 stating that chemotherapy has done nothing for 80% of all cancers; that 80% of chemotherapy administered was absolut...(more)
My site started cutting out about 1/2 hour out of every 2 hours hours during what should have been my most profitable week of the year. It would said the database could not be reached and implie...(more)
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Eslam The comic
Does GOD really exist?
Please SHARE to see how many intelligent comments about this subject get posted!!! http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKwLj6Lt6sA
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Every Christmas when Americans gather around for some quality time with each other, Majority of Iranians mostly from California gather in Las Vegas for so called "Christmas concerts" with the followings ha...(more)
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I have attended most of the DC IT events including DC Tech events for months, but not a single one I found.
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