This video should automatically turn on every morning as you awake, replacing your alarm clock with gentle music and a wonderful message to carry with you throughout each day. We need this world wid...(more)
Topics: Life1 answerasked over 2 years ago
Is it public or private or both sectors? You may read more here from the founder of

Washington, D.C. kicks @#$%! Not Quite Yet!
Topics: Business, Economy - North America0 answersasked over 2 years ago
It might be a little early for this question but what the heck..

We've all been hearing how on 21st December 2012, the world will supposedly come to an end. Some say it is because the May...(more)
Topics: philosophical3 answersasked over 2 years ago
I just read in this article that two chemicals in Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo considered harmful to babies. There has been trace of potentially cancer-causing chemicals – dioxane and a subst...(more)
Just trying to get a general feel for how people will be spending this holiday season.
Topics: Tourism & Travel7 answersasked over 2 years ago
Is the intention behind this move genuine for the good of the country or is it to have control over the people and their postings on TWITTER.

Twitter Is Definitely 'Trending', Confirms 3...(more)
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When we invented the Christmas tree tradition many many many years ago, we didn't have to worry about gas emissions and the ozone layer. We should NOW!
Topics: Environment1 answerasked over 2 years ago

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