Fantastic Study I just finished reading:

Since 2001, we have lost more than 2.5 milli...(more)
Topics: Economy - Asia Pacific Rim, Economy - North America1 answerasked over 3 years ago
Oliver Stones son, Sean Stone is in Iran..More interesting is that he converted to Islam
Topics: Entertainment, Religion0 answersasked over 3 years ago
NY Times thinks so…. MySpace claims that it now has an average of 40,000 new registrations daily and says it has added more than a million new users since launching its new MySpace Music Play...(more)
Topics: Business, Social media0 answersasked over 3 years ago
Topics: Social media0 answersasked over 3 years ago
Baltimore Sun reports another entrepreneurs heading West for Gold. I have lost the number of well known great entrepreneurs in the East who could not get the attention of the investors in the East...(more)
Topics: Economy - North America, Investment & Investors, Startups2 answersasked over 3 years ago
Trulia ranked the 100 largest metropolitan areas by their Metro Movers ratio – Washington, DC took the 3rd place and Bethesda took the 5th place.

1. Newark, N.J.
MSA: Newark-Union, N.J....(more)
Topics: Real Estate1 answerasked over 3 years ago
Watch this video: This is beyond pathetic, for one, its called allowance, and two, he is one of the worst parents i have ever seen. I don't mean to defend the daughter, but certainly this is not...(more)
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I doubt this Google TV will go anywhere. After the first Google TV device last year, Logitech Revue (that Kirill mentioned), was launched. It belongs to NBC Universal, Viacom and Fox). These ...(more)
Topics: Gadgets, Media - broadcasting, Media - Online1 answerasked over 3 years ago
I have taken a course in Cloud Computing. Apart from all the benefits, I am still suspicious about cloud platforms. why am I being so skeptical?
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