The answer might surprise because it is right under your nose and you did not even know it!!!
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check out this French or Belgian trainer new approach to the texting while driving students.
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Here is the full list released today by an annual statistical survey:

1. Washington, D.C. (same as in 2010)
2. Seattle (same as in 2010)
3. Minneapolis (same as in 2010)
4. Atlanta (s...(more)
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LA Persians often ask me,"Why don't you do stand up comedy in Cabaret Tehran?". . . I have to say what an audience told me in Miami... "You can't serve Filet Mignon to someone who likes Aabgoo...(more)
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I often see groups claiming to preserve Iranian culture in their shows yet they fail to grow with times. Their cultural shows consist of long speeches, traditional dance or two... to put it...(more)
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During my last visit to Canada, an audience member opened up to me! about being GAY and asked if I could talk to his parents and state his case so neither he nor his parents would have to live in a lie. . .
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