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Galaxy S4 Is Samsung's Fastest-Selling Smartphone Ever
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Japan's Philanderers Stay Faithful to Their 'Infidelity Phones'
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Google now offers voice search capabilities similar to Siri...
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Check out the amount of data created across all of our favorite platforms. Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Twitter, email, LinkedIn, Mobile Apps, etc.....
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I just got my first iPhone and it is time for me to keep myself up to date with the apps. I need to start following top bloggers covering the apps. Any suggestions?
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Honestly, do we really need an app to start the engine? How do you think smartphones and their apps effect obesity in our culture?
Skype and Google Voice are telephony solutions in the category known as Over The Top (OTT). That is, they are pure IP solutions that are ignorant of the underlying bearers. As such , they l...(more)
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Mike Daisey found horrific labor conditions, impossibly long hours and the use of crippling, repetitive motions for making the pretty iPhones. He met very young factory workers whose joints...(more)
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If you don't have a clue about what the marmalade SDK is then you can check it out at
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